Welcome to Long Term Prosperity with Your Holistic Health Success Mentor
Dr. Naseem Mariam.

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Q1. What is ‘Beyond Wealth’ and Why ‘Long Term Prosperity’ ? 

Prosperity can no longer be measured in mere financial terms. For Long Term Prosperity (Health, Wealth / Abundance, People Success, Legacy) we must Prioritize & balance 7 areas in 3 domains:

  1. Three 3 Areas of Health (Physical, Emotional-Mental, Spiritual)
  2. Two 2 Areas of Abundance (Time and Money), and
  3. Two 2 Areas in Social arena (friends family colleagues & also giving back to Society).

This blog deals with how an individual can achieve balance in all 7 areas of life to become a person of influence and live a life of significance.  Today’s complex lifestyle has made Personal & Family Mentors a necessity for Long Term Prosperity.

Q2. Why did I choose to write on this particular topic?

As Communications Software Manager, I noticed that those who outperformed had “something extra”, a core within themselves which enhanced the quality of their every deliverable. The manager in charge was able to justify, validate and obtain a consensus in favor of these key performers. At each stage of their career the winners were easy to identify. All rounded winners knowingly or unknowingly took care of all 7 Areas. (It did take research, observations and practice to arrive at THESE 7 Areas as being necessary and sufficient for all round Prosperity).

  • Selecting students to join our company,
  • Watching the young recruits fit in during their orientation and probation,
  • Counseling/guiding/coaching staff towards “acceptable” outputs,
  • Conducting annual performance appraisals for teams of staff for promotions.

As Motivational speaker & Career Counselor-external, my interactions with the audience of staff and students of colleges and schools confirmed the fact that well rounded, balanced persons did exist and their outputs were far superior when they did not neglect any of the 7 Areas.

As Acupuncture doctor & Complementary Medicine Healer, once again I found the same phenomena: patients who took care of all 7 Areas healed faster. Emotional temperance, Deep rooted values, Spiritual strength, Strong family ties gave very critically debilitated patients the will and impetus to recover and remain healthy. Other patients with minor ailments took longer to recover and were more prone to suffer from lifestyle diseases when they neglected to work on any one or more of the 7 Areas.

A Holistic Health Coach is a person who helps, guides, coaches and mentors his client in all 7 Areas. Throughout my careers of:

  1. Housewife (husband, kids, relatives),
  2. Software Manager (staff, colleagues, peers),
  3. Motivational & Career Counselor (students & teachers of colleges and schools) and
  4. Acupuncture doctor (patients, their caregivers, my fellow healers, my students)

I realized my success and deep rooted friends circle could be attributed to the fact that I was taking care of all 7 Areas and ensuring that those around me too gave attention to & created schedules daily/weekly/monthly which had activities for each of the 7 Areas.

Q3. Are you a domain expert?

HEALTH: Yes. Completed PhD (Acu) Healing expert for nearly a decade using

  • Acupuncture (many techniques like acupressure, Body acupuncture, scientific method, 5 elements method, moxibustion), member of ATAMA
  • SuJok (SuJok acupuncture, acupressure, micro magnets, color, seed therapy), member of ISA
  • Cupping & Hijama, (member of ICA)
  • Pranic healing
  • Also aware and counsel patients on simple exercises, home remedies, Bach flower remedies

All 7 Areas: Yes. Counsel, Guide, Advice, Mentor, Coach to many staff members during  more than two decades of experience as Communications Software team lead, and project manager.

Q6. Have you given talks on the subject? What are some of the avenues you have spoken at?

All 7 Areas: Colleges to students as part of career counseling, at my place of work to build teams, enhance the performance of staff, symposium on ‘Power to Women’

Some of the talks in areas related to Time, Relationships are:

  • Excel at All Tasks (Habits); Time Management & Memory Tips; Skills for Adversity;
  • Relationships & Team building; Build Relationships (Golden, Diamond, Platinum Rule);
  • Goal Setting; Time Management Tips; 12 Friends for Faster Results (F.A.S.T)
  • 7 Steps to Leadership; Strategic Mentoring; Wealthy Success;


  • Health Workshops For details click here
  • Health workshops held for the community, assisting Dr. J Jayalakshmi during her talks ( www.drjayalakshmi.com ).
  • St. Raphael’s 9th to 11th std students Acupuncture Acupuncture career orientation workshop.
  • Gave lectures at ATAMA zonal meets held at Chennai, annual international conference held at Karaikal
  • Free Acupuncture camp at Chennai led by Dr. Mohanarajan
  • Free Hijama camp held at Bengaluru on 6th and 7th May 2017 led by Dr. Nadeem
  • Moreover my clinic is now a research & training center for:
    • (a) Authorized faculty by ATAMA to train newcomers in (a) Acupuncture for Diploma, Master Diploma, M,D and PhD [ATAMA: HQ at Karaikudi http://acupunctureatama.com/home.htm ]
    • (b) SuJok healing levels 1, 2 and 3 certified by ISA [International SuJok Association head quartered at Nagpur https://www.sujok.com/ ]

The research that supports my argument: is  Included in the book as References, quotations added throughout the book too. Personal observation, insights gained by a great many authors and self help books read on Success, Personality development, Self improvement.